Sara St. Clair



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An insight into a life less ordinary. Romance costs extra is the story of pornstar Sara St Clair. The book describes her experiences as she begins her career in the erotic and sometimes glamorous world of escorting. This frank and sexy account of her early years is a remarkable story of how a beautiful girl carves out a successful career in an industry requiring confidence, bravery, and entrepreneurial flair. We learn about the experiences that shaped a porn superstar.
Sara’s stories are exhilarating, sexual, and thrilling. She describes some of her most memorable encounters in detail. Some bizarre, some surreal, but all exciting and incredibly erotic. She tells us about her love life and how her career affected her romantic relationships. Romance, love, and loss are all part of a life defined by sex.
We learn about Sara’s beginnings in Sammy’s strip bar, right through to her relationships with the super-rich. The nights spent on yachts and with the owners of Manhattan hotels. She describes some of her more interesting clients, the renowned surgeon, corporate board members, and the parties overflowing with wealth and money.
Sara makes sex erotic and fun. Read on to be entertained, amused, turned on, and maybe even inspired.

“I loved this book. Sara describes her adventures, the industry, her clients, and the life of an escort beautifully. A true insight into our world.” Kasey Storm – Pornstar

“Extremely erotic and very well written. Can’t wait for the next installment to read more.” Ben – Goodreads

“This book is hot, even by my standards. I enjoyed every minute, re-reading some of the erotic scenes several times. Can’t wait for more.” Linzee Ryder – Pornstar

“I re-read it immediately, the most erotic book I have ever experienced.” Jessica – Goodreads.

“Freaking brilliant. Think I may need a cold shower. Sara truly is killing it. I envy her in some ways.” Kerrie – Goodreads



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